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Who is it directed to?







what is the golden guide service?

Golden Guide is an exclusive educational advisory package from LegalSpain, created especially for foreign students who already know which university degree they want to study and at which educational institution in Spain. This service provides expert advice on the admission process, preparation for university access, and adaptation to student life in Spain.


  • Three online consultations of 30 minutes each (90 minutes in total) with a LegalSpain specialist.
  • Appointment scheduled according to your availability.
  • Possibility of recording sessions for future reference.
  • Personalized advice focused on your specific needs.

who is it directed to?

This service is aimed at foreign students of any nationality and educational system who have already decided on the career and university in Spain where they wish to study and need guidance in preparing for access and adapting to life in Spain.


The price of Golden Guide is €120 if payment is made by bank transfer. Can’t pay by bank transfer? Ask us about other payment methods!

why hire this service?

Hiring Golden Guide is a smart investment in your academic and professional future. By choosing our service, you will benefit from:

  1. Expert and personalized advice. Our advisors have extensive experience in the educational field and are familiar with the particularities of the Spanish university system. They will provide you with specific guidance tailored to your needs and interests.
  2. Time and effort savings. Managing the procedures and requirements to access a university in Spain can be a complicated and exhausting process. With Golden Guide, you will have the support of professionals who will guide you at every step, avoiding mistakes and streamlining processes. 
  3. Higher likelihood of success. By relying on the experience and knowledge of our experts, you will increase your chances of entering the Spanish university of your choice and successfully adapting to student life in Spain.
  4. Peace of mind and confidence. Knowing that you have the support of professionals in the admission process and adaptation to life in Spain will allow you to focus on your studies and enjoy your university experience with greater peace of mind and confidence.

Golden Guide is the ideal choice for foreign students seeking support and guidance in the process of accessing Spanish university and adapting to student life in Spain. Don’t miss this opportunity to have the expert advice that will help you achieve your academic and professional goals.



Golden Guide provides expert guidance on preparing for access to Spanish university, including suggesting preparation methods and selecting subjects that will help you meet admission requirements. Our advisors will guide you in creating a personalized study plan that allows you to successfully face the admission process.

Golden Guide assists you in the process of procedures and requirements for accessing Spanish university, providing you with detailed information on the processes, costs, and deadlines involved. Our experts will guide you in the legalization and validation of academic documents, student visa application, and other necessary procedures to ensure your admission to the university of your choice.

Golden Guide advises you on the search for possible scholarships and financing options for your studies in Spain. Our experts will provide you with up-to-date information on available scholarships, requirements for applying, and application deadlines. In addition, we will guide you in the preparation of the necessary documentation and offer you tips to increase your chances of success in obtaining a scholarship or financial aid. With Golden Guide, you’ll be better informed and prepared to take advantage of financing opportunities that match your needs and academic profile.

"With Golden Guide, you'll have a coordinator at your disposal to help you throughout your academic journey."

Mariela Aramburu
Mariela Aramburu
Se encargaron totalmente del trámite de homologación, solo tuve que preocuparme de proporcionar los certificados.
sergio sanchez
sergio sanchez
Trato excelente, rapidez y eficacia. Es un profesional de los pies a la cabeza. Te resuelve cualquier duda y los trámites los hace súper rápidos. Se lo recomendaría a cualquier persona que tenga que hacer sus papeles de confianza. Un 10
Helena C
Helena C
Tengo la homologación de bachiller resuelta muy rápido. Aquí dejo todas las fechas como una referencia. - 15 de enero de 2024: enterarme de que necesito obtener la homologación de bachiller antes del 7 de junio, de lo contrario perderé la mátricula de los estudios actuales - 16 de enero de 2024: consultar con el Ministerio de Educación para pedir información detallada y el mismo día contactar a LegalSpain - 25 de enero de 2024: firmar el contrato con LegalSpain y realizar el pago, al mismo tiempo consultar más detalles sobre mi caso de la homologación del título - 28 de enero de 2024: proporcionar a LegalSpain el nombre de usuario y la contraseña de la plataforma de solicitud de homologación - 29 de enero de 2024: recibir el volante de homologación - 16 de febrero de 2024: recibir todos los documentos físicos, que son notariados, apostillados y traducidos jurados - 26 de febrero de 2024: entregar todos los documentos físicos a LegalSpain - 15 de marzo de 2024: LegalSpain presenta los documentos ante el Ministerio - 4 de abril de 2024: La homologación de bachiller resuelta. Muchas gracias por LegalSpain, y 100% recomendable.
Antaraa bill
Antaraa bill
Les mande toda mi documentación desde USA, la recibieron y enseguida pusieron en marcha mi homologación. En dos meses y medio ya estaba resuelta. Excelente servicio y profesionales. Recomiendo al 100%
Excelente experiencia. El trato amable y siempre pendientes para ayudarme a resolver todas las dudas y dar la mejor asesoría en los trámites de homologación de estudios.
diego garrido salgado
diego garrido salgado
Durante todo mi proceso de homologación, legalSpain funcionó de manera perfecta. Muy atentos e informados de todo. 100% recomendado.
Trato excelente y servicio inmejorable. Gracias!
Montse Flores
Montse Flores
Me acompañaron en el proceso de principio a fin, siempre atentos a cualquier cosa que necesitara. Muy buen trato y servicio.
Cami Guibernau
Cami Guibernau
Me ayudaron muchisimo en el proceso de homologación. Muy atentos a cualquier duda que tenía
Joan Cari
Joan Cari
Muy profesional, la guia es excelente lo que me alivio fue que me ayudó con todo el proceso de mi homologación. Super Recomenzado.

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