The cheapest cities to live in Spain

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Spain is a very attractive country for foreign students and professionals, with good job and training opportunities. Before traveling, it is important that you know what the cost of living will be so that you can plan your budget correctly.

The cost of living in Spain is constantly increasing. This is due to the effects of inflation and different geopolitical conflicts, which have affected the price of fuel and food. As a result, citizens have to spend more money to cover their basic needs. However, these expenses are not the same in all the autonomous communities. In this article we will review the 5 cheapest cities to live in Spain

The article takes into account the price of housing, taxes, the cost of transport and the income levels of Spanish cities, to determine which are the most affordable cities.


The cheapest cities to live in Spain


1. Palencia

It is a Spanish city in the Castilla y León region. It is known for its rich history and architecture, including the Monastery of San Zoilo, the Cathedral of Santa María la Mayor, and the Castillo de la Mota. This city is famous for its vineyards and its wine production.


2. Melilla

Melilla is a Spanish autonomous city located in Northeast Africa, near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Its mix of cultures, including Arab and Jewish influences, make it a very interesting multicultural city. It is also known for its warm climate and its landscape full of beaches and mountains.


3. Lugo

It is located in Galicia. It is known for its rich history and architecture, including the Roman Wall of Lugo, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This city has an important wine production and its gastronomy is typically Galician.


4. Logroño

Logroño is a town located in the north of Spain, being the capital of La Rioja. It has more than 150,000 inhabitants, which is the largest part of the population in the entire region. The city is located along the Ebro River, a place of historical intersection of roads, such as the Camino de Santiago, and borders. The area is known worldwide for its wine production, especially the typical wine of the region, Rioja wine, internationally recognized.



Teruel is a Spanish city located in the Aragon region, in central Spain. It has a rich history and highlights include the Teruel Cathedral and the Mausoleum of Lovers. Its ceramic production is well known, especially its tiles, which are used to decorate buildings and historical monuments. Teruel’s gastronomy is influenced by its climate and its production of Iberian pigs. Some of Teruel’s typical dishes include Iberian ham, Teruel chorizo and roast suckling pig.



In short, Spain is a country with great diversity in terms of cost of living between its different cities and regions. While some cities, like Madrid and Barcelona, can be expensive to live in, there are others that are more affordable. Palencia, Melilla, Lugo, Logroño and Teruel are five Spanish cities that are among the cheapest to live in the country. These cities have lower costs compared to house prices, taxes, transportation, and income levels of other Spanish cities. Each of these cities has its own cultural richness and offers tourist attractions and job opportunities. It is important to note that the cost of living can also depend on each person’s lifestyles and individual needs.

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