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The homologation of university studies to study and work in Spain could last from 2 to 4 years. This has been the case until now, with the publication of a new RD that streamlines and facilitates this service for foreign students, with the aim that they can work and carry out an activity in much shorter times. In this post we tell you what’s new.

Working in Spain will now be easier

The Ministry of Universities has published a Royal Decree (RD 889/2022, of October 18) that aims to reduce the resolution of the procedure for recognition and equivalence of foreign university degrees to six months.

The Ministry will create a Commission for Technical Analysis of Homologations and Declarations of Equivalence to reduce the waiting time for the files. This process will also be digitized so that the status of the file can be consulted at all times.

With these measures, an attempt is made to put an end to the abandonment faced by thousands of foreigners when they try to validate their higher education and suffer delays of up to 24 months in the resolution of their files, a fact that prevents them from working in Spain in their regulated profession.

In case you don’t know, we carry out the entire process in an effective and agile way, making all the steps easier for you. So, if you need to validate and legalize your university degree, ask us.


Have you not finished your university degree yet and want to come to Spain?

At LegalSpain we recommend that, if you are clear that you want to carry out your future work in Spain, you try to finish your university studies in Spain. To do this, you must carry out a partial validation of your studies at the university of your choice. We believe that validation is more effective than finishing your degree and having your university degree recognized. The reason? When the studies have been completed and completed in another educational system, many times the recognition of credits is not complete and we can find ourselves in the situation of having finished the degree in our country and having to take some subjects in Spain, which makes us lose time and money.

If you partially validate your studies in Spain, at the end of your university degree your title will be Spanish and you will not need to carry out any homologation. This will give you direct access to the world of work and will also allow you to complete master’s and other postgraduate courses without any problem.

We recommend this post about the validation of studies in Spain.


Do you have any doubt?

Our team will be in charge of advising you and indicating what steps to take for the homologation or in which Spanish university it is convenient for you to carry out your validation. We can also help you find your best postgraduate study to complete your training.

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