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Most students who wish to gain admission to universities in Spain are unaware of the necessary processes for doing so. The ultimate goal is to be accepted by the university, but to achieve this, a specific document must be obtained beforehand: the UNED Credential.

What is the UNED Credential for university access?

It is a digital certificate necessary for international students to participate in the admission processes of Spanish universities. This credential is generated by UNED, through its UNEDasiss program, indicating the student’s personal information, their academic record (high school diploma recognition), and their test scores, if applicable.

The university will have access to this information and, with its evaluation, weighting, and requirements system, will proceed to allocate spots.

What is the provisional UNED Credential?

It is the certificate issued by UNED that is not definitive. This can happen when the student does not provide all the necessary documentation, either because they are in the process of diploma recognition or document renewal (passport or others). As soon as all the requirements are submitted and deemed appropriate, the Credential will become definitive.

How can I obtain the UNED Credential?

This digital document is managed by UNEDasiss, but you can handle it through intermediaries, like us, to save time and money. Basically, what you need to know is that, depending on the educational system of origin and the destination university, you will have to request and provide a specific type of documentation. This may seem simple, but in some cases, it can become complicated, especially if you don’t reside in Spain. In some cases, you need to take the PCE exams, while in others, it is not necessary. In some cases, you must validate your high school diploma, and in others, you don’t. Therefore, the idea is to know what to provide to be fully prepared for the university selection processes. And, at that point, we can help you like no one else.

If you want to obtain this credential, feel free to ask us or visit our UNEDasiss Credential service.



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